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Thu, Jan. 8th, 2009, 10:49 am
Eschewing Obfuscation

or, The First Thing We Do is Kill All The Lawyers.

You and I, along with the vast majority of our fellow Americans, have a vested interest in laws being simple, plainly-written, and few in number. When laws are simple and easy to understand, whether or not we comply with them becomes a matter of choice, and it becomes possible for the average person to go through his day without violating any if he so chooses. Further, those choices are more informed, because there is no great disparity between the perceived severity of the infraction and the severity of the punishment.

There is one occupation, however, whose members have a vested interest in laws being complex, vague, indecipherable to people outside that occupation, and incredibly numerous. The members of this profession derive direct economic benefit if you cannot go through your daily life without violating some obscure law. They greatly increase their income if it is not clear whether or not a certain action on your part violates a law; indeed, they increase it even further if it is not at all clear even to THEM whether or not your actions are legal. It is in their best interest that the matter not be at all decided until multiple courts have ruled upon it, and further that this not settle the case for their next customer who does something identical, much less slightly different.

That profession, of course, is the legal profession.

This is not to say that a realistically ideal society wouldn't have lawyers. One can understand that exposure to carcinogens may cause cancer without giving up the need for an oncologist in the event that disease rears its ugly head; but under no circumstances is it ever a good idea for a society to have its laws written by people who are in majority, or even in a very large minority, attorneys.

George W. Bush came from the oil business, his father likewise. Ronald Reagan was an actor. We have to go all the way back to Ford and Nixon to find Republican Presidents who were lawyers, and they were disasters. Vice President Cheney was a corporate CEO for a time, but has mostly worked in various government positions. Dan Quayle was an attorney. Rockefeller was a businessman and philanthropist.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell has a law degree, but has never practiced law; Trent Lott was likewise. House Minority Leader Boehner was a businessman. Blunt's degrees are in History, although he's always work in government, DeLay was a Biologist, and Gingrich a History professor.

Now let's look at the other side of the isle.

Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi; all lawyers. Clinton: lawyer. Gore: flunked out of law school and went into public service. Mondale: lawyer.

Reid's Democrat predecessor, Tom Daschle, was a military intelligence officer. Byrd's degree is in law but he never practiced. Pelosi's predecessor Dick Gephardt is a lawyer. Foley was a lawyer. Wright was a veteran and a businessman.

So in the name of "change" we're going from a Businessman and a Businessman, working with a Law-trained Public Servant and a Businessman, to a Lawyer and Lawyer, working with a Lawyer and a Lawyer.

Our major choices for President among the Republicans were a career Naval officer with a businesswoman as VP, a Minister, a CEO, and an Air Force Flight Surgeon turned Gynecologist.

Among the Democrats we had to choose from a Lawyer with a Lawyer for VP, a Lawyer, a Lawyer, and a nearly-homeless mooch who lived on charity until entering public service and who believes in flying saucers.

So you've replaced everybody who had a vested interest in making laws simple, understandable, and inexpensive with people who promise "change", all of whom have a vested interest in more and more complex laws.

Don't pretend to be surprised at what you get; Uncle Syberghost gave you the head's up.